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Imagine waking up with perfect vision, no glasses or contacts required! Say hello to Ortho-K, the groundbreaking non-surgical vision correction offered exclusively at Eyes on 45th.

Frequency Asked Question

Ortho-k is a method of treatment that involves specially designed contacts. These aren’t the same contacts that you put in each morning to help you see throughout the day. Instead, you wear them while you’re sleeping.

When you wear them, it’s as if your cornea is going through physical therapy – the lenses actually reshape the cornea. When you wake up, you remove the contacts and have improved vision. It’s a great alternative to eye surgery, eyeglasses, and daily contact lenses. There are a couple of important things to know, though, before you decide it’s right for you.

It can take up to two weeks for full improvements to take effect. During that time, it might be necessary to wear your daily contacts or eyeglasses. Your optometrist will discuss this with you to determine what steps you need to take.

As long as you wear the contacts at night, you will have better vision the next day. However, this procedure does not involve any type of surgical correction. That means that if you stop wearing the lenses, your vision will return to normal after a few days.

Is Ortho-k right for you? It’s hard to tell for sure without a consultation with your optometrist. However, most people that need corrective eyewear for farsightedness, nearsightedness, mild levels of astigmatism, and presbyopia can benefit which includes children. There are no age restrictions.

In fact, many doctors recommend this as a treatment option for kids, as it doesn’t require any invasive procedures or eyewear during the day. That’s a major benefit for kids, as they are always on the move. It can also be a great option for athletes and anyone who is not ready to resort to surgery yet.

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