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Dry Eye Symptoms

Eye fatigue Dry, itchy, or sore eyes Stinging eyes Light sensitivity Blurry vision

Avoiding Dry Eye

You can avoid dry eyes when wearing contacts by taking the following steps: Firstly, make sure that your contacts have been properly fitted by a qualified, experienced optometrist Get an eye exam for your overall eye health, not just a vision test Buy high-quality contact lenses with a preference for contacts that are less likely to cause dry eyes Dispose of your lenses as per the recommendation of the eye doctor Wear your contacts less when you have a cold or the flu. Some of the germs from cold and flu infections can irritate your eyes.


There are several remedies for contact-induced dry eyes. The eye doctor might recommend a combination of any of them, depending on your dry eyes situation. The remedies: Eye drops: Most people wearing contact lenses use eye drops to keep their eyes moisturized. However, you shouldn’t just go and purchase OTC eye drops, make sure your eye doctor prescribes the moisturizing eye drops that will work best for you. Low water contacts: Although it might not seem like it, low water contacts are better at keeping your eyes more moisturized compared to high water contacts. This is because high water contacts draw water from the tear ducts over time, causing your eyes to dry out. Daily disposable contacts: The optometrist might prescribe you daily disposable contacts if your eyes are naturally prone to dryness. Daily disposable contacts are an excellent solution to dry eyes. Scleral lenses: These are large gas permeable lenses covering the entire cornea surface, thereby preventing the eyes from drying out.